Track Plans - O Gauge Code 124 Bullhead

Click the Part Number to download a .PDF file for that piece of track.

Because these turnouts are larger than an A4 sheet of paper we have either had to split the image or spread them across 2 sheets.  You will need to print off both and cut and join them afterwards.

Description   Part Number
  Medium Radius Turnout R/H
  Medium Radius Turnout L/H SL-E792BH
  Y Turnout SL-E797BH
  Curved Turnout R/H SL-E786BH
  Curved Turnout L/H SL-E787BH
  Catch Turnouts R/H & L/H SL-E784BH & 785BH
  Long Crossing SL-E794BH
  Double Slip SL-E790BH