New Wills Modern Industrial Kits

NEW in OO: Wills Modern range of contemporary modular buildings, as seen beside railways all over the world.

Base kit SSM300 builds two half-relief, or one complete industrial unit/warehouse. The walls are solid plastic with groves on the inside face to show where to cut in order to fit the various windows and doors. Multiple kits can be combined, including the SSM315 extension pack to double the half-relief depth, to create buildings of any size. Extra doors and windows (SSM314) and extra roller shutter doors (SSM313) are also available to completely customise your building.

The industrial building can be re-purposed with additional kits: SSM311 makes it into an out-of-town retail unit, SSM310 makes it into a Supermarket and SSM312 provides HGV loading bays to convert it into a logistics distribution centre. 

These kits are in the shops now....