OO-9 V-skip wagons

 Another recent addition to the OO-9 ready to run rolling stock range is the familiar "Rugga" V-Skip tipping wagon. This design was introduced in the 1930s, a development of the Robert Hudson company, based in Leeds. They could be supplied to the customer's specific requirements, with a skip size ranging from 13.5 to 54 cubic feet (0.38 to 1.53 cubic metres), and in most track gauges.The design allows the skip to tip in either direction, perfect for small industrial railways that needed to move and unload materials quickly and efficiently. As well as industrial setups, examples of these wagons can be found on virtually all preserved narrow gauge railways.

We are launching with two colours, grey and brown (not exciting, but probably the most common colours used). Others may follow. The models, in keeping with our previous OO-9 models, are extremely free-wheeling and come complete with integral OO-9 couplers allowing prototypical close coupling.